The Victims’ Services Alliance is a national network of 44 third sector agencies  who are committed to working together to improve services to victims of crime, their families and others who have been affected.

This is achieved through: collaboration; influencing and engaging with government and key decision makers; and the sharing of ideas, resources and good practice across the member organisations.

The Alliance launched in December 2011, initially consisting of organisations who work with individuals and families bereaved by murder, manslaughter and road deaths. The Alliance now offers membership to all organisations working with victims of  crime beyond the scope of homicide. This expansion ensures a sector- wide Alliance and will provides a unique platform for stronger collaboration and a united voice for improving services to victims of crime.

The Alliance is founded on and guided in its policy formation by these objectives:

  • To work together for the improvement of services to victims, victims’ families and others affected, through the sharing of knowledge, information and good practice across member organisations.
  • To provide a forum for networking across member organisations, with swift communication of key information.
  • To support and strengthen the position of victims in the criminal justice process.
  • To seek to be a united voice for victims, including influencing and engaging with government and wider stakeholders.
  • To work together in a positive and respectful way to improve outcomes for victims, victims’ families and for others affected.

The Alliance meets four times a year, allowing members to share updates, network, discuss issues of concern and meet with key people within the criminal justice system.

The next Alliance meeting will take place soon.

Members receive a fortnightly electronic news bulletin to keep the group up to date with the latest news, as well as informing members of policy changes and developments that affect the services they represent and the victims they support.

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